Senator Mwaura reveals more details on legislators’ handout culture, why they give

Over a long period of time, elected leaders have been known for giving out handouts to their people. Some give so as to be re-elected while others give to remain relevant to their people. But must they give for them to stay relevant?

Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura who unsuccessfully vied for the Ruiru parliamentary seat in the 2017 polls termed refusal or inability to give money during campaigns as the easiest way to losing an election.

“The best and easiest way to lose an election is by outlining your ideologies and then leaving without giving money. Do not expect the votes if you do not give handouts” he said.

The former nominated MP was speaking on Citizen TV’s Town Hall show on Monday night.

At the same time, he noted that Kenyans have developed a tendency of giving their votes to the aspirant giving them the most money, himself being a witness.

He narrated how he lost in the Ruiru race even after spending over Sh30 million in the campaigns, saying that some of the people who appeared ahead of him spent even more.

“I spent over Sh30 million in Ruiru. However, some of the people who beat me spent more, one spending Sh50 million and the other about Sh80 million for the campaigns,” he said.

Mwaura vied on the Jubilee Party ticket, shortly after decamping from the opposition’s Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and proceeds to secure a Jubilee nomination after the polls.

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