Rashid Abdalla defends Willy Paul’s music prowess

Celebrated Media Personality Rashid Abdalla has praised Willy Paul for his music  and disagreed with the opinion that he has lost direction in his music career.

Rashid was speaking during an interview when he gave his remarks concerning Willy Paul’s music.

The media personality is among the people counted to have played a major role in building and supporting Willy Paul as he started out as an artist.

Rashid Abdalla says that he likes Willy Paul’s style, his efforts and strategies he uses in his line of music.

The Citizen Tv News Anchor also added that generally music is like playing cards and those you are playing with should have no idea of  the next card one is  going to drop.

He also hinted that he is indeed impressed that Willy Paul always catches many people by surprise with every song he releases and that is what meets the cut.

Rashid says he is fascinated by the level of flexibility that Willy Paul has shown by not being comfortable with only one genre of music.

His comment comes at a time when several people have complained that WillyPaul is misleading the youth for being a ‘Fake’ gospel musician

Here is his full statement

“Hajapoteza muelekeo,uimbaji kama karata uanahabari na uchezaji mpira kama karata. Mtu yeyote bora ni lazima afiche karata zake kifuani ili kesho mtu hatajua unaangusha karata gani inakua siri yako.

Kila ukiangusha karata ambayo watu hawakuitarajia, umemcheza na umemshinda unayecheza naye Karata. Hio ndio style ya Willy Paul. Karata zake kifuani.

Mi nafikiri apo vizuri, mbinu yake naipenda, ana ubunifu  pia yeye ni mtu anajitolea mhanga na hayuko comfortable na style moja ya muziki” he said during the interview

Do you agree with Rashid that Willy Paul has not lost direction?

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