Did this Nyanza governor spend staff salary on personal issues?

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Nyamira governor John Nyagarama has vowed he will not pay more than 1000 county staff their April salaries.

The governor claim that they were employed illegally and thus they have been stealing from the government.

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Governor John Nyagarama on Wednesday insisted that he will not be held back, adding that his intentions to clean the payroll will not be dragged whether by ‘close allies or family friends’.

At least 1,000 government workers in Nyamira County will not receive their April salaries after being caught in illegal employment saga that saw the county launch payroll audit, a Treasury official has confirmed.

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“I am not going to be pulled back. This is a serious matter that involves public interest. I must work for the interest of the people who gave me the mandate,” Nyagarama told journalists.

Last month, Nyagarama unveiled a payroll purge team under Public Service Management minister Bernard Osumo, who is also facing impeachment over gross misconduct, and the findings were handed to him on Friday last week.

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According to the official who spoke in confidence due to the sensitivity of the matter, April salaries reduced drastically due to the removal of over 1,000 people who did not merit following the investigations.

“I cannot name everyone but I can assure you that we paid little money for April. We finalized payments on Thursday and those who are lucky will receive their dues by Friday. Close to 1,000 people will not receive anything,” he said.

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Those affected are believed to have been sneaked in to the payroll by top government officials without following due process. The county government is ready to face them in court.

County Assembly of Nyamira intensified onslaught against the executive this week with MCAs challenging governor Nyagarama to ensure ghost workers are also weeded out of the payroll.

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“It’s not only about illegal employment. We also have thousands who are earning yet we don’t know them. We want them to be removed from payroll as well,” nominated MCA George Mosiori said.

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