Ommy Dimpoz celebrates life as he mourns Mengi

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Tanzania crooner Ommy Dimpoz is a happy man after many escapades that almost took his life.

Ommy Dimpoz has every reason to celebrate life and he can’t believe that he is alive.

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Ommy Dimpoz’s fans were last year shocked to learn of his illness that claimed his happiness.

His sad state made him seek medical attention abroad.

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With the help of family and friends, he managed to secure a surgery in South Africa.

He later went to Germany after his condition worsened and has been going for checkups since last month.

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Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho being his friend played a big role in financing his medication.

He came back from the hospital and dropped the first Gospel song thanking God for keeping him alive.

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It has been two months now since he came from the hospital and another sad news of media mogul Reginald Mengi rubbed Tanzanians by surprise.

Ommy Dimpoz praised God for letting him live as well as mourning the late Mengi.

Nna kila Sababu Ya Kumshukuru Muumba Wetu kwa Pumzi ya Bure, Bado najiuliza Ni mimi kweli ?

His fans have celebrated him and urged him to produce more songs.

wemaz_advocateMungu atabaki kuwa Mungu. Tunamshukuru Mungu kwa ajili yako na Pia Tunamshukuru kwa ajili ya Maisha Ya Mengi 🙏
dpaulpeterSawa bro! Dont worry about sickness and different challenges. The God still with you keep it on going on. Your successes are on the way coming 💪🙏🙏😁❤️
khadija_nyoniHakuna apaswae kuabudiwa kwa haki bali ni a

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