Poop is still poop, even when it stops smelling

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I know, why you should listen to me right? But even if you don’t, you know deep down that your move is one big mistake. You know that things are going to change for a few days or so, and as soon as you let your guard down, they will be the same piece of s%#* as always was.

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People don’t change that easily especially the ones who think there is nothing wrong with them. Deep down you know she/he is a person you cannot trust. They failed you and disappointed you. You’ve cried by their side so many times, begging them to change.

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You’ve come close to a breakdown because you couldn’t take it anymore, and they swore on their life they would change.

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At those moments, they would have said anything you wanted to hear.
They would have done anything just to calm down the situation, to calm you down, so they could continue doing whatever the hell they wanted. What a sneaky bastard!

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Never go back to the person who wanted you all to themselves but at the same time, didn’t care about you. That’s how possessive and jealous people act. They wanted you all for themselves, but never dealt with you, never gave you enough attention, and would be jealous if you looked for it somewhere else.

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