Reginald Mengi made me a better president–Ben Mkapa Tribute

The former Tanzania Head of State Benjamin Mkapa has eulogised the late billionaire Reginald Mengi.

In a glowing tribute, Mkapa stated that he is saddened by the death of Dr Mengi.

Mkapa described the late Mengi as a staunch nationalist and and industrialist who fought for the citizens welfare.

“During my presidency, Dr Mengi, through my various interactions, made me a better president,” stated Mkapa.

The former president further stated that it is prudent to honor the late Mengi by being modest and following his (Mengi) example to foster the fight against extreme poverty.

Dr Mengi’s body was flown to Tanzania on Monday after he passed away in Dubai on 2nd May.

He will be buried on Thursday, 9th May.

RIP Mengi!

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