“Mtoto atakula mamako?” Akothee bashes men demanding for babies

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Akothee is really an expensive lady to handle and no one can poke his nose into her business without being bashed.

Through her skits on Instagram with comedian Owago Nyiro, she cannot settle for less.

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Akothee from time to time has proved that she is not ‘cheap’ and maintaining her equals maintaining a Range Rover.

In a recent interview, she revealed the price of her wigs which can pay rent for six months.

Her wigs go for Ksh 50,000 to 90,0000 and she changes them after a week.

Akothee also is a hardworking woman and has been participating in noble causes like helping Turkana crisis and helping mothers.

However, she had said that she is done with getting pregnant an that her five children are enough.

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With that said, she has been advocating for mothers to be ready to cater for their babies and not waiting till nine months of pregnancy then start looking for help.

You are calling me at midnight , that your wife needs to give birth and you have no money for hospital, but you have been warming the center for 9 months 🤔🤔🤔 since when was pregnancy an emergency?

Through her post, she disapproves men wanting children yet they have nothing to offer to the child.

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