PRAYER PARTNER: How to become a Godly Kenyan Man

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Most men prove to a wolves in sheep’s clothing when it comes to being religious and righteous in the ways of The Lord. Many men claim to be holy but not all of them truly walk the talk.

To stay in God’s presence is not an easy thing, but if you’re trying to be close to Him, you need a partner who is trying to do the same. If a man is Godly, he will have most of these characteristics. He may not be perfect but you will be able to tell that he tries according to these Bible verses.

1. He is meant to love you as Christ loved the church

A man who knows the word understands that he is meant to love and protect you. He is meant to love as Christ loved the church, what does that mean? It basically means he loves you with everything he has, I mean Jesus died for you so the man who loves God will do a lot for you.

2. Be a strong man

A strong man doesn’t exactly mean that a man is macho and holds his emotions back. According to the Bible a Godly man does what is good in God’s sight. He will be courageous and will think about the people around him and not act selfishly.

Image result for Be strong, and let us show ourselves courageous for the sake of our people and for the cities of our God; and may the LORD do what is good in His sight
3. He seeks the kingdom of God

Of course this may be obvious but not many christian guys actually seek the kingdom of God. Seeking the kingdom of God means he will take time to pray, fast and listen to God.

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3. He should provide for his household

No one really understands how powerful it is to have a man who actually provides. He should not only feel responsible for others but he should take care of his own household first.

characteristics of a Godly man
4. He should have one woman and be sober minded

We know that the cheating culture has been widely accepted but it shouldn’t be the norm. He should have self-control be sober-minded and have one woman only.

5. He must be humble

Many men are arrogant and proud but a man who has a relationship with God will understand that he needs to be humble in front of God. He is willing to submit himself to God because he understands that he cannot lead a family without God’s grace.

Image result for Peter 5:5-7

We say no one is perfect so we should be able to accept a man the way he is. The truth is, it is easier to deal with a man who actually has a relationship with God because he will love you as he in meant to so you won’t struggle as much.

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