‘Sycophantic’ Atwoli gets a serious thump

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Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua has attacked COTU boss Francis Atwoli and termed him a sycophant. This follows Atwoli’s fiery statements a few weeks ago while at the Coast over Ruto’s 2022 presidential ambition.

Speaking on Monday, Gachagua said it does not make sense for Atwoli to issue ill statements against the DP and then have praises on President Uhuru Kenyatta.

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“What I think, Atwoli and group are doing is sycophancy. It has become very fashionable for people who have fought President Kenyatta all their lives to keep on dragging his name to look good,” he said

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The Mathira lawmaker who is a staunch supporter of the DP further warned Atwoli and his lieutenants that they should let the Jubilee government deliver.

Atwoli has been under criticism after he claimed during a fundraiser at the Coast region that Ruto will not be on the ballot come 2022.

Atwoli has called on Ruto severally to step down over allegations of corruption and abuse of office.

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