How Treasury allocated the incoming 684 billion budget

The government plans to spend Sh684 billion to implement various projects spread across the country in the 2019/20 financial year.

According to a report outlining various government projects tabled in the National Assembly by Leader of Majority Aden Duale, out of the amount, Sh399 billion will  given by the Exchequer while Sh284.8 billion will be through foreign funding.

Aden Duale

Some of the biggest beneficiaries of the allocation in the 2019/20 budget include the National Treasury Sh23 billion, Ministry of Health Sh19.9 billion, state department for social protection pensions and senior citizens Sh12.2 billion, Interior ministry Sh11.2 billion, the Presidency Sh1.6 billion, university education Sh7 billion and housing Sh13.1 billion.

Others are Sports ministry Sh13.9 billion, Energy ministry Sh23.7 billion, Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) Sh8.6 billion, irrigation department Sh 5.2 billion, department of petroleum Sh3.6 billion and the department of youth Sh4 billion.

Under the presidency, the government plans to spend Sh326 million to refurbish State Houses in Nairobi, Eldoret, Sagana, Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu, Kakamega, Sh 88 million for general works at the Deputy President William Ruto’s office, Sh15.6 million for refurbishment of buildings at his Karen home, Sh 13 million for refurbishment of Harambee main house building  and Sh109.8 million for support to the office of the President and President’s Delivery Unit.

The Interior ministry docket has been allocated Sh11.1 billion out of which Sh393.2 million will go towards construction, establishment and refurbishment of various police housing units, Sh2.5 billion for police modernisation programmes, Sh2.8 billion for national secure communication surveillance system, Sh337.8 million for construction of police stations and police housing for the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, Sh 656.1 million for construction of regional county and sub- county offices as well as Sh359m for refurbishment of 290 sub-county offices.

Others are Sh890 million for identity cards materials, Sh2 billion for the National Integrated Identity Management System, as well as Sh400 million for smart driving licences.

In the department of Immigration, the government plans to spend Sh50 million for purchase of visa stickers, Sh640 million for purchase of E-passport books, Sh150 million for purchase of security stamps while in the Foreign Affairs ministry was allocated Sh1.9 billion, of which most of the funds will go towards renovation of government own properties in various countries.

State Departmental for Vocational and Technical Training has been allocated Sh4.3 billion for the renovations of various TTIS across the country , university education which is allocated Sh7 billion will see Sh30 million going towards upgrading of various national schools, Sh20 million will be for rehabilitation of old Teacher Training Colleges (TTC), Sh185.5 million for construction of  10 TTC’S.

On the other hand, the ministry of health, which was allocated Sh19.9 billion, will see Sh6 billion channeled towards rollout of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) as well as Sh500 million for support of the same.

The transport department has been allocated Sh38.1 billion, out of which Sh7 billion will go towards the development of Mombasa Standard Gauge Railway , Sh17.6 billion for the development of Nairobi to Naivasha SGR, Sh127 million for purchase of two ferries for Likoni Channel, Sh150 million for implementation of integrated security systems and Sh11 billion for Lamu Port-South Sudan-Ethiopia-Transport (Lapsset) Corridor project.

The Housing department, on the hand, that has been given Sh13.1 billion will see the bulk of the money going to civil servants Housing Scheme Fund Sh1.5 billion, Sh1 billion for construction of housing units for National Police and Kenya Prisons, Sh1 billion for construction of affordable housing units, Sh1 billion for construction of social housing units and Sh205 million for construction of Gikomba market.

ICT on the other hand has beenallocated Sh 8.6 billion will see digital literacy programme get Sh4.2 billion, Konza City Sh7.2 billion though from donors.

The department of agriculture has been allocated Sh5.2 billion will see Galana Kulalu project that has since stalled get Sh10 million and National Expanded Irrigation programme Sh2 billion.

The bulk of Sh12.2 billion allocated to the state department for social protection, pensions and senior citizens affairs will see transfer to old persons getting Sh5 billion construction and rehabilitation of various children homes in Likoni, Nyamira, Meru South, Kirinyaga get Sh42.5 million support for orphans Sh476 million, while the department of gender which has been given Sh2.7 billion will see Sh2.1 billion going towards affirmative action social fund, Sh 400 million to women enterprise fund, Sh 247m to uwezo fund among others.

On the other hand construction of buildings and other infrastructure at National Youth Service (NYS) has been allocated Sh269.3 million, NYS youth empowerment programmes in 69 informal settlement will get Sh3 billion while Youth Enterprise Fund will get Sh335.3 million.

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