“When was pregnancy an emergency?” Akothee blasts men

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As much as the Baraka hitmaker, Akothee, has been assisting the needy in meeting health bills, she feels people are now taking advantage of her. During a maternal health care conference at RFH, she warned men fro calling her to help them meet maternity bills.

Through her Instagram account, she said; “You are calling me at midnight, that your wife needs to give birth and you have no money for hospital, but you have been warming the center for 9 months since when was pregnancy an emergency RFH Bataka Loyalty Card will you allow my brother test your wife now that we shared the bill ?”

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Akothee has been on the front line in helping the who can’t meet bills in treatment. During the health care day, she was offering many types of treatments for free.

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She had indicated;
 lots of goodies 👉🏽Free Consultation
👉🏽Free BMI
👉🏽Free Blood Sugar
👉🏽Free HIV test and consultation 👉🏽Free Nutrition consultation and Counselling
👉🏽Free Depression management
👉🏽Free Dental Check up
👉🏽Ultrasound free for the first 50 mothers 👉🏽 supplements and other Antenatal Care profiling tests such as Urinalysis

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She first won Kenyans hearts after she stepped out to help the hunger-stricken Kenyan at Turkana county. She donated food, water and clothing to them. She even held a concert to create more funds in support of Turkana.

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