MCA Tricky Defines Chokoraa In The Best Way Ever

When MCA tricky first featured in the Churchill comedy show, it was evident that he was picked from the streets.

However, as time went by, MCA tricky revealed that he worked in the streets but was never a Chokoraa.

In a previous interview MCA tricky said that he worked as a “beba beba guy ” ferrying goods from one place to another for business people, in Muthurwa market.

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Due to the nature of his work, one could confuse him to a chokoraa. However, he says he interacted with many of them and had friends who were street urchins.

MCA tricky who has become a famous comedian in Nairobi was interviewed in a local Comedy show hosted by Dr. Kingori.

Just like many interviewers, Dr. King’ori asked MCA whether he was a chokoraa. He denied and proceeded to define who a street urchin is.

Chokoraa si mtu. Chokoraa ni lifestyle. Unaeza pata mtu mchfu ako kwa streets lakini yeye si chokoraa. But upatane na mtu amevaa suti na tai lakini yeye ni chokoraa.

Immediately Dr. Kingori who was dressed in a full suit felt a little bit embarrassed. He posted a video above and captioned it

I have never felt so insulted 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Do you know any chokoraa in a suit? shhh! Don’t shout!!!

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