Weezdom: I did not forgive Bahati out of guilt

Gospel Artiste Weezdom has explained his reasons to reconcile with Bahati after their fall out which led him to exit Bahati’s record label.

The Singer says that he reconciled with Bahati out of love and not guilt or to gain entry back into EMB records.

Weezdom however says that his mother also played a key role in the reconciliation because she used to speak to both him and Bahati during their fall out.

“My mom was against the misunderstanding between me and Bahati and she had been telling me…”

The ‘Faham’ hit maker however says that he does not regret what he said concerning Bahati and his wife.

He added that the fact that they are gospel minister made him to reevaluate his actions and decided to make an amendment.

On whether he plans on going back to EMB records, Weezdom says that he did not reunite with Bahati for such benefits but because of the brotherhood and respect he has for the far that they have come together.

The Singer also sent a strong message to David Wonder and Mr Seed urging them to reconcile with Bahati because the good Bahati has done for them all overpowers the bad.

Weezdom says that they do not need beef in the Gospel industry and what they want is all gospel musicians to embrace love.

Here is the full interview

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