Inside Atwoli’s massive wealth, opulent lifestyle

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COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli  is currently feeling the immense pressure from workers who demand his retirement over misrepresentation at the helm of the trade union.

The fiery Atwoli 71, is living an opulent lifestyle with his trademark glowing golden neck chains.

The beaming controversy arise from the workers he is representing who feel that Atwoli is using his powerful position to enrich himself at the expense of poor Kenyans.

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Who is Atwoli and what does he own?

He was elected to the post in the year 2002, after working as a member of the Agriculture and Plantation Workers Union of Kenya for several years.

Also, he is the president of the Organization of African Trade Union Unity and a vice-president of the International Labor Organizations headquartered in Geneva, Swaziland. 

The ‘mshenzi’ slogan lover earns a fat salary more than most powerful state officers.

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He pockets over Ksh. 4 million per month an amount that is slightly higher than the president’s salary.

The salary comes from the several board meetings he sits in as well as the International Labor Organization and the Central Organization of Trade Unions.

To prove that he is a billionaire, during an interview with Jeff Koinange, a famous Kenyan Journalist, he stated that his daily attire is worth over 1 million Kenyan shillings!

Atwoli drives a Mercedes Benz-S300 model, which he acquired from Germany in the year 2011.

The car is worth 30 million Kenyan shillings and has unique features such as the ability to change colors depending on the prevailing weather.

Also, he owns a palatial home in Kitengela that is worth millions of shillings.

The house well-built and has been equipped with all the classic things an extraordinary house can have.

Being a classy man, Atwoli has fitted his home with golden furniture, making it look like Statehouse or Whitehouse!

His home is well known and admired by Kenyans, who also wish they could build such a house.

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