Citizen TV’s Hassan Mugambi breaks mafisilet hearts

Hassan Mugambi looking dapper

Citizen TV anchor Hassan Mugambi’s name is not new after a video of him smacking his colleagues went viral.

However, very few is known about the out spoken News anchor.

Few days ago, it was rumored that Mungambi had tied a knot, however, the journalist clarified that the previous controversy about him getting married was all a misunderstanding, stirred up by his close friend, Rashid Abudala.

He said that the feature he was working on at the time concerned Swahili brides.

The muscular journalist related that Rashid had used a photo they had taken while doing the feature to stage-manage what seemed to his (Hassan’s) wedding.

In the end, it was all a ruse by his great friend and colleague, Rashid Abdalla. But the man says that he is about to get married, telling us that his wedding was ‘coming up.’

However Mugambi has not yet unveil his lost rib.

About the recent slappathon , he said he was prompted by the other journalists not respecting a previous agreement they had set.

The agreement was that they would not block the cameras, which some of then unfortunately did. He also explains that not everyone he slapped was a genuine journalist and that some of the people there were bystanders.

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