Church members ‘filled with roho mtakatifu’ overflow breaking woman’s leg

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A 70-year-old woman from Bungoma County is living in pain after six members of her church fell on her during worship, resulting in her leg breaking.

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Reginalda Nang’unda claims the six – all women – fell on her when they were jumping up and down after being “filled with the holy spirit” at a church in Kware Village in Bumula Constituency.

Ms Nang’unda claims the incident happened on Sunday, April 21 at around 11 am

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“Upon learning that they had broken my leg, they left me on the floor unattended. I stayed there until 5 pm, when one of the church members called my son, Benjamin Malaba, and asked him to come to the church because ‘I was down with malaria’,” said Ms. Nang’unda.

Mr Malaba says he arrived at the church and was shocked to find his mother writhing in pain as she clutched her leg.

The middle-aged man says his mother, who was widowed in 2005, has since been treated at a nearby hospital, but none of the church members has ever checked up on her at her home.

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