Chaos erupted in church turning the Place of worship Into Warfield

Pastor among 10 injured as worshippers fight at church in Kirinyaga
Police at Ngucui AIPCA church in Mwea Constituency, Kirinyaga County handling chaos

A church is a place of worship where people gather for just one purpose. It’s unusual for church service to have chaos.

However, on Sunday, things were different at AIPCA church in Mwea constituency Kirinyaga, when a place of worship turned into a war field

The fight came as a result of leadership wrangles where different groups rose against each other with blows.

Immediately the chief and police officers arrived at the scene and contained the situation.

Trouble reportedly began when two groups under different leaders disagreed over who should lead the Sunday service.

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They clashed for some time and then a bitter exchange of words ensued before the situation degenerated into a physical confrontation that saw the worshippers attack one another with some hurling stones at their rivals.

Unfortunately, Archdeacon Kamau suffered head injuries after a church member used the shepherd staff to hit his head repeatedly.

He injured church leader accused his colleague, Archdeacon Mwangi, for attacking him and pushing him off a church, but Mwangi denied the claims.

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