Ommy Dimpoz exposes fraudsters using his name to con fans

Bongo star Ommy Dimpoz has exposed cons using his name to fool his fans.

The artiste has distanced himself from a concert that listed him among the headlining artists.

The concert is set to go down this Friday as indicated on the fake poster and other artists who have been listed include, Barnaba classic, Miss Tanzania and others.

Through his social media page, Ommy Dimpoz warned that he is not in any way associated to the event and his fans should be alert to avoid getting conned.

“Epuka Matapeli sihusiki na wala sitakuwepo kwenye Tamasha hili.Tafadhali kama umeona tangazo hili basi  jua ni utapeli.Asante” he said in his post

This is not the first time an artists has come out to expose fraudsters for using their names.

Last year, Kenyan Singer Otile Brown also blasted organizers for publishing a poster without informing him first.

Others go an extra mile to create pseudo accounts with celebrities names and extort money from fans.

Have a look at Ommy Dimpoz post

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