The sibling trio of Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas also known as The Jonas Brothers have announced their comeback album, ‘Happiness Begins’. Their new LP will be released on June 7 as Kevin admitted this is the album he is most “proud” of.

Sharing the album artwork on Twitter, they simply captioned it: “#HappinessBegins June 7th … So proud of this new record and we can’t wait for you guys to have these songs!! ”

And in a post on his personal Twitter account, Kevin pointed out that the new album “Happiness Begins”  will be their first collaborative project, after 7 years of not working together.

Nick had previously confessed that “transparency was the key factor’ in the Jonas Brothers reunion.

He said: “I think the thing that was so great about this next chapter was that it really began with us getting to the healthiest place we could be as brothers and as a family before we decided to work together at all, given that the way it ended before was not the best.

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“We just thought, let’s dive in, let’s really open up and pull this thing apart and see what would need to be different for this to work this time around for a healthier relationship. I think that honesty, that transparency, really was the key factor. And I built the foundation now to where those things that used to be hiccups before for us, are no longer a problem and we’re able to really enjoy this ride and the reaction so far to the new music and everything that’s going on has just been incredible.”

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