Former Ndhiwa MP Reveals How Raila is Taking Advantage of Handshake to Enrich Himself

Former Ndhiwa MP Agostinho Neto is claiming that ODM Party leader is not into the handshake deal for the country’s sake, but for his selfish gains.

He sensationally claimed Odinga is using his huge following to enrich himself in spite of electoral malpractices. Neto who urged his Luo community to shun Raila politics for Deputy President William Ruto, further said the former premier is too selfish to lead a revolution against a any corrupt government.

Agostinho Neto.

In a hard-hitting statement on Tuesday, April 23, the youthful politician further asserted his former boss is known for nothing but a long history of betraying his supporters in every election cycle.

“In 2007-2008, you know when the status quo was about to curve in, he ended up at Sagana State Lodge, whatever he discussed there to the chagrin of his many supporters, he birthed the nusu mkate government.

“In 2017-2018 when his supporters were even returning teargas for teargas, and forming human shields for him and the status quo was about to curve in, to the chagrin of his supporters, he moved into Harambee House and behold the Handshake,” he posted.

Neto fell out with Raila in 2017 having lost in party primaries which he later blamed on his tough stand against the ODM boss after he told off Nyanza politicians beating Jubilee would be a tall order. Read more:

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