Amani speaks on her salvation journey

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Gospel Singer Amani has shared on her salvation journey and her transition from the secular industry

Amani says that ever since she got born again,she had to go through a lot of transformation and not just about changing herself but allowing God to work through her.

The Singer says that it was never easy because growing up everyone is pretty much inclined to a certain way of life and embracing the change requires a lot.

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Speaking during an Interview, Amani revealed that even her friends, likes and dislike changed. After she got saved, Amani says this had a great impact in her general lifestyle and unlike her past life, it is never about just having fun but more of a purposeful life.

For her, Amani was a character she deliberately walked into and had a description of her image. At some point she got confused and got into a journey of self discovery.

Amani also added that at some point in her music career, she never really wanted to continue with music but wanted to pursue other areas of interests.

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She says that when she decided to get born again, she knew that music would no longer be her source of income and she decided to hold tight to her business.

Amani says that changing from a secular artists to a gospel artist was an interesting journey and she prayed to God that she will not go through what she went through as a secular artists

“There are things in the secular industry that I did not want to go through again” she said

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Amani added that she believes God placed the gift in her for a purpose and it was beautiful that she aligned to God’s plan.

She also noted that indeed being in the gospel industry is not about making hits but about ministry.

Amani hinted on a coming soon album although she did not reveal the exact dates of the release

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