Miguna exposes biggest scam in Uhuru, Raila trip to China

Controversial exiled Lawyer Dr Miguna Miguna has read malice in the trip President Uhuru Kenyatta and his opposition Counterpart the ODM Leader Raila Odinga are set to take to China in a new loan deal.

According to Miguna Miguna, It is theft of public resources for President Kenyatta to carry Raila to China.

Miguna argues that Raila is not the cabinet secretary or PS for Treasury or Transport for him to negotiate an SGR loan.

He says the SGR’s cost is already hyper-inflated. He further cites that Kenyans want jobs and food but not SGR.

“It is theft of public resources for Uhuru Kenyatta to carry @RailaOdinga to China purportedly to “negotiate for an SGR loan.” Raila is not the cabinet secretary or PS for Treasury or Transport. The SGR’s cost is already hyper-inflated. Kenyans want jobs and food; not SGR,” posted Miguna Miguna.

President Kenyatta is working to complete the SGR project as part of legacy he want to leave at the end of his term in 2022.

But Miguna Miguna further argues that no legacy is build on stolen resources.

“History remembers us by our unblemished integrity, visionary thoughts and uncompromised transformative actions. No legacy is constructed on stolen wealth no matter how massive it is, proceeds of crime and/or illegitimate authoritarian power. The revolutionaries are marching on,” he posted.

He also compares the Ethiopian SGR to Kenya’s SGR. He says Ethiopia built its 750 KM ELECTRIC SGR for $3.4 billion.

Miguna notes that the Ethiopian SGR is ELECTRIC and 250 KMs longer than the Kenyan one.

In Kenya, Miguna says, Uhuru Kenyatta gave his brother Muhoho $3.2 billion for 472 non-electric SGR.

He argues that Uhuru is off to China with Raila to strap Kenya in more debt.

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