What! Man Impregnates His Two Neighbour’s Wives

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Wonders shall never end. Meet this dude who taught his two neighbors a lesson of life when he impregnated their wives.

The man identified as Forget Ndoro (30) was taken to a traditional court on Thursday for impregnating Siphiwe Ndawana (26) and Gertrude Sibanda (29), by their husbands who were very mad at him.

Siphiwe Ndawana (26) and Gertrude Sibanda are married to Talent Nhamo and Matthew Njere, respectively.

The brave Ndoro, however, did not deny the charges against him. He admitted impregnating both ladies and promised to take responsibility for both pregnancies.

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Residents of Mangwere Village in Zimbabwe were left in awe when they heard the story of one of their own impregnating his two neighbors wives. The Village chief confirmed the incident to a local media saying:

“I presided over a matter of a married man who had relationships with two married women resulting in two pregnancies. I don’t take such matters lightly and l ordered him to pay 10 cows for disrespecting other men in such a degrading manner.”

“When l asked him about the matter he did not deny it. He said his illicit affairs with the two ladies started as a joke before turning into serious affairs.”

I told him that he must take full responsibility for his two unborn children. He must also pay all expenses required when the women give birth.

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