What kina Hillary wa IT never tell you

Gooosh… Dennis, my laptop is not working and the IT guys are doing nothing about it aki. Hakuna kitu nimefanya since morning aki!” There is a whole group and by the time work ends, the it guy will either be stressed out, exhausted or straight up furious.

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Nobody would not want a pretty a face around the office , all smiles , smelling good, there nice voiced laughter piercing through the office space , but with all this may come something you may or may not be prepared for, clueless ones.

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They will quickly call upon Brian,Kevo,and kina Hillary  the  Office IT guys who will obviously rush to her aid to show there exemplary skills to the damsel in distress only to find she had failed to do one thing.

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Kina Hillary then go back to their desk at the corner all fumed up cursing in their heads on why they rushed there alike a hero in a cape.

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