Poor Guy! R Kelly’s Bank Account Slips Into Negative After Court Seizures!

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R. Kelly is having some serious issues with his life and finances that you almost want to feel sorry for him.

Indeed, the guy is now facing a financial uphill challenge after failing to pay his child support and rent for his studio.

In turn, the court seized a massive 15 million shillings from one of his accounts as authorized by his creditors, leaving him with an overdraft of Ksh 1300.

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Nevertheless, R. Kelly does have two other accounts tied to the Bank of America which hold a total of 15.5 million shillings.

However, both accounts were seized by his former landlord, who was awarded a whopping 17 million by the court.

R. Kelly has been facing a myriad of s3xual allegations that he was holding young underage girls hostage!

So it’s safe to say that R.Kelly’s high life is close to over!

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