Are youths prepared for relationships?

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Recent killings associated with relationships is a sign that Youth are not well prepared for relationships.

If you look at the recent trend among the youths, It’s very alarming and sad. From Committing Suicides to Killing of partners.

It is a very worrying trend which can be associated to Mental Health and depression.

We have had cases where both the Ladies and Males have killed for ‘Love’ and Love Triangles. Some men have even lost their private parts to the same.

Most of them are in a toxic relationship and find it hard to come out of it until it is too late .

Also peer pressure is one of the contributing factor, don’t just get into a relationship because your peers are dating. Take your time, don’t rush,know your partner and the commitments that come with being in a relationship.

I think it’s time for the government act very fast. We are losing many lives.

This is a Battle against Mental illnesses. Nobody on their right state of mind would choose to commit suicide, Chop a man’s penis or Butcher a woman in the name of Love. Counselors are needed to help end relationships peacefully.

There’s life after a break up.

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