Emotional: Willy Paul’s Wish For His Late Dad

Willy Paul’s father, Paul Opondo Radio, died over 7 years ago when life for Willy Paul and his family was really hard. Earlier in 2018, the Njiwa singer revealed how they struggled to raise money for his dad’s coffin despite the fact that he was a carpenter working in Mathare slums. This was really a sad story.

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However, Willy Paul did not allow the situation of being fatherless to pin him down, he braced himself up to ensure they have a rosy life even after losing the sole breadwinner of the family. He can now afford the most expensive cars.

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On Monday 15, the singer Penned down an emotional message to the late his late father. Through his social media pages, the Hallelujah hit maker went on to express how much he wishes his dad was alive to enjoy his success now that he has made it in life. He wrote.

“ …I only wish my dad was alive to see what I’ve become. To see his son, standing infront of thousands and to see my son that looks exactly like him unfortunately not the colour.. I’m sure he’d be so proud.. but it’s a funny world.. things just happen and we have to learn to live with the harsh realities!!
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