Will the elders save the Kinuthia’s & slain Wangeci’s family friendship?

Naftali Kinuthia

Naftali Kinuthia the man who is facing charges for brutally ending the life of female medical student Ivy Wangeci is to be held for 14 days as the prosecution has been granted time to grant witness statements.

The axe and the knife which he used for the murder were presented in court as evidence. Four people recorded statements regarding the murder.

As the investigations proceed, the pain is evidently still lingering in the heart of family and friends of the deceased who are still processing the loss.

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Many don’t the right words to ease such a pain but Naftali’s father, George Kinuthia has made an effort at the courtroom by apologizing to Ivy’s family. He said that his family was yet to get in touch with Ivy’s family but he had contacted the elders in order to find the way forward.

George Kinuthia revealed that the two families knew each other from Thika town where he lives and owns businesses.

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Kinuthia, an employee of betting firm SportPesa, shot to limelight on Tuesday after he hacked Ms Wangechi – a Moi University student taking practicals at MTRH – with an axe before slithering her throat with a knife.

Initial reports indicated the two were in a romantic relationship that had gone sour.

However much of the information on the internet his been rubbished by the family as lies with her mother stating that the media has described an Ivy that she doesn’t know.

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