Shock As Great Grandmom’s Ghost Sooth Sleeping Child

A mum claims she spotted the ghost of her son’s 90-year-old great-grandmother soothing the sleeping boy on a baby monitor.

Kerri Waterworth, 29, feared it was a spider on the camera and rushed into her son Ellis Gooch’s room to scare it away before it scuttled into his bed.

But the shock on mom, she realised there was nothing there – and claims “linear orbs” reappeared on the monitor after she went downstairs.

She has shared footage of what she claims appears to be a spectral arm stroking five-year-old Ellis’ leg, tummy and the top of his head, before flying away.

Baby Ellis Gooch with his great-grandmother Elizabeth ‘Peggy’ Gooch before her death

Ellis, who has autism, becomes upset by any disruption in routine but Kerri claims he appeared to be soothed and responded positively to the ghost hand on April 3.

Full-time carer Kerri believes that it may have been the ghost of Ellis’ great-grandmother, Elizabeth ‘Peggy’ Gooch, 90, who was very close with the little boy before she passed away in 2016.

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Kerri, from Lancashire, said: “I wasn’t scared by it, more intrigued. I got a calming sense from the apparition.

“But I was slightly freaked out.

Kerry Waterworth claims she video shows the arm of a ghost (circled) 

“I do believe in ghosts but I’m always sceptical on other ghost videos, so seeing it for myself has truly made me believe even more.

“At first I could see what I first thought was a cobweb or spider, so I raced up to my son’s room as I hate spiders.

“I was terrified there was a spider in his room that would go in his bed but when I entered his room found nothing.

“I rubbed my hands all around the walls and sides that was in the view of the camera and all around the camera – and nothing.

The ghost comforted Ellis, his mum claims (Image: Kennedy News and Media)

“After I came back downstairs, the orb appeared again. It seemed to manifest its shape from circular to long/linear.

She added: “It was as if it was stroking my son and as it touched him, he reacted in a response kind of way.

“His response was like a gentle move, like when someone tickles you and you move in response to it. He didn’t seem upset at all.

“My son is low-functioning autistic so has a strict routine which he follows.

Mum Kerri, from Lancashire, says she believes in ghosts 

“Any change in it can cause upset and he rarely sleeps for long periods of time in one go.

“He woke up about half an hour after I saw the orb on his baby monitor that has never happened before.

“My son’s great nana Peggy passed away and we feel it was her coming to comfort my son, she truly loved him.

“Ellis has disabilities and she always worried about him so it makes sense to me that she would comfort him.”

Ellis and his great-grandmother, who died in 2016

The mum-of-two shared the footage online to ask for advice and was flooded with positive comments.

Kerri said: “I shared it online and most said they could see something stroking or comforting my son.

“Almost everyone commented saying they had a warm, comforting feeling from it.

“Others were freaked out, and of course a small few didn’t believe it and said it was dust.

“I worked at a care home and would hear stories of ghosts being seen in the home I worked in, but never witnessed any myself.

“I haven’t witnessed any other ghosts since but I’m on my guard about it, so hopefully we may.”

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