Uproar as KQ forces passengers into a faulty Jambo Jet disaster

The stand off between tens of passengers and Kenya Airways staff at the Kisumu Airport entered day two on on Sunday.

According to sources, the passengers who were booked into a hotel on Saturday night were being forced to use a plane with mechanical issues.

KQ Kisumu

Former NTV presenter Steve Juma, who had booked the flight, revealed that they had not been given any proper communication but all he could see was “regret and apologies from KQ’s tweets.”

“We are learning that Engineer is yet to arrive from Nairobi to fix the ill fated aircraft (Jambo Jet) that we didn’t book. Why is someone carelessly gambling with our lives?” Juma posed on Facebook.

He said that the pilot had hinted to them that the aircraft had mechanical problems but they were being forced to use it.

According to Mr Juma, unlike Saturday evening, the airport was now full of GSU officers who are on standby to counter them if they raised any queries.

On Saturday evening, the passengers stormed out of the plane after its engine failed to start.

The passengers said that they had booked a KQ flight but instead were forced into a Jambo Jet after the initial plane delayed.

On Saturday, KQ in a tweet said that it was working on a solution to the saga and asked those affected to consult with its staff at the airport.

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