Proof that DJ Kalonje Cheated on Fiancee!

DJ Kalonje shocked Kenyans at the beginning of January 2019, when he posted a message on his Instagram page about breaking up with his fiancee, Sonnie. They had been dating for 7 years.

He spoke about the period when he spoke to Massawe Jappani on Radio Jambo. He revealed that he had moved on immediately after dumping his fiancee:

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I moved on the same evening we broke up. The relationship ended although we tried our best. We were not able to save it.

He, however, says he got a new catch and they are doing well. DJ Kalonje had posted a break-up message on New-Year’s Eve that caught many by surprise. He had written:

I just had one important priority in our relationship-you. the problem was that we both had the same priority. all I can say is the seven years was worth it. wish you good luck in all your endeavors. may you find happiness.

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That caught many fans by surprise and although he later did some damage control saying that he was writing about changing his phone, a fact that he now regrets.

He added in the interview with Massawe:

What I could take back, however, is posting our break up on social media because it didn’t really sit well with my fans and I later tried to cover it up by posting our picture together but the damage was already done.

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