Why Domestic violence occurs & how to stop it

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There have been ridiculously alarming incidents recorded and reported daily over domestic violence crimes that have shocked Kenyans through a lifeless body being the aftermath of this wrangles.

Well, it may not affect you directly but you know a person or two currently stuck in this non-beautiful situation in a union that is supposed to the source of love and happiness.

Here is all the information you need to know to understand these couple and how the abuse can be stopped.

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While financial factors contribute to the problem, the causes of domestic violence involve psychological issues that we must deal with in order to stop the cycle of abuse.

There are two emotional dynamics that contribute greatly to domestic violence.

One involves a destructive thought process (or “critical inner voice”) that abusers experience both toward themselves and their partners, thoughts like “You’re not a man if you don’t control her” or “She is making a fool out of you.”

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The other factor involves a harmful illusion of a connection between a couple, psychologist Robert Firestone, has referred to as a ” fantasy bond.”

This dynamic feeds into a sense that another person can make you whole and is responsible for your happiness. These two dangerous belief systems set up an environment for abuse.

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While women are more likely to experience domestic violence, forms of abuse occur between all kinds of couples whether of the opposite or same sex, married or unmarried.

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Many people who commit abuse were either abused themselves as children or witnessed abuse between family members. To break this cycle and to reduce the cases of domestic violence in the generations to come, we have to implement programs that are effective and help violent perpetrators get the knowledge and help they need to not create the next generation of violent individuals in their children.

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Rehabilitation programs that emphasize self-reflection, self-control, empathy, and which build resilience, can allow them instead to offer their children love, concern, and tenderness. That way, even in times of economic strain, people will have the psychological understanding and coping skills to avoid turning to violence.

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