Positive reasons why you should think of working for an NGO

In a world crowded with graduates and professionals, it is not an easy thing to get a place to practice one’s professional area of study with a lot of people opting not to work for NGOs for varied reasons, unknowing to them that it offers the best of practising in real-life case scenarios.

The most frequent questions that hang on the lips of every fresh graduate or anyone planning to start a career path are “what career path should I follow?” and “what industry or organization should I work for”?

These questions come as a result of burning concerns for success. Sure everyone wants to be successful, but the amount of success you are able to achieve is largely dependent on your choices and decisions.

Making the right choices and decisions can help land you in the most fulfilling career path and industry of your dreams.

Even if working for a non-profit organization could be seen as a really challenging thing to engage in, it is, however, one of the most satisfying jobs for anyone that wants to affect society and grow.

If you are contemplating whether or not to work for a non-profit organization, then you are few sentences away from making the best career decision; Here are some of the reasons why you should consider working for a non-profit organization:

Increased Society Impact

Working for a non-profit organization helps you contribute or give back to the society which is an amazing opportunity. When working for other organizations, you may not be really involved in some societal projects and contributions that the organization may be providing the society, unlike the non-profit organization.

Non-profit organizations give their employees or volunteers the opportunity to be practically involved in providing services that aim at addressing issues that affect the society or world at large.

Since the aim of the most non-profit organization is to solve problems that face the society they find themselves in, working for a non-profit organization will put you in a position where you can actively contribute to the growth and development of your society.

Working for a non-profit organization can also give you the opportunity to work for the cause that you are passionate about.

Increased employability

One major determining factor when applying for a job is whether you have the right and needed skills. No employer wants to hire a candidate that does not have the right skills. Working for a non-profit organization will help you acquire the most relevant skills you need to thrive in the corporate world.

Working for a Non-profit organization will help you acquire skills like; leadership skills, team spirit, effective communication skills etc. Performing your role and engaging in activities organized by the organization can help you acquire these skills.

Working in an NGO can help you build and develop transferable skills like good organization skills, research communication, relationship, and leadership skills. These are skills that any organization will require to achieve its goal. Working in an NGO will help you develop these skills that will be useful to both your personal and career life.

Creation of an opportunity to network

Networking helps you widen your circle of influence and puts you in a more advantaged position. Over the years, networking has been one thing that has helped many people achieve and attain expected heights.

Many employees today got their jobs by networking with industry experts and influential people. Working for a non-profit organization will help you build a strong network with influential people and companies during the cause of your work.

Non-profit organizations usually work with influential people and big organizations like government agencies, multinationals or big national companies.

Working with a non-profit organization will give you the opportunity to network with these individuals and organizations. Working for a non-profit organization also fosters diversity, because it allows you to meet and network with different people from different countries. 

Helps one to build an outstanding CV

Most non-profit organizations have name recognition, significant contribution and notable achievements over time. Working in a non-profit organization will give you the opportunity to be part of the organization’s contribution and achievements and as such will also help build your own achievements.

Working for a non-profit organization will help you leverage on the organization’s name and achievements which can help your CV stand out amongst other CVs.

In today’s corporate world, many employers believe in reputation and endorsement which may not be easy to come by most times, but working for a non-profit organization can help you create an outstanding CV by giving it that stamp of reputation and endorsement that you may need to land the job of your dreams.

Leadership skills Improvement

Working for a non-profit organization can help instil leadership qualities in you. Most non-profit organizations are founded with the aim of helping people or society, being part of this will help improve your relationship with people. A non-profit organization can give you the opportunity you need to practice and develop your leadership skills.

Working for an NGO will enable you to learn how to lead and motivate people because you would have gotten used to leading, managing and motivating people, doing this often will help you build yourself and become a better leader.

Working for a non-profit organization will give numerous opportunities to gain, and employ leadership skills.

A broadened perspective on issues

Working for a non-profit organization can help broaden your perspective and the way you see things generally. Non-profit organizations can give you that humbling and affirming life experience. Working for a non-profit organization gives you the opportunity to work with big companies and individuals that can give you a sense of perspective.

Working for an NGO can help affect your decision making and life objectives. It can also help you change the way you see, perceive and value things. The goal and vision of the non-profit organization you are working for can help you develop inner skills and interest and appreciation for other things that may not have mattered much to you.

Career advancement opportunity

Working for a non-profit organization will give you the opportunity to network with great people and organizations. These influential people are people that can easily become your mentors, leads, future clients or colleagues. Networking with these great people can help you with the advice and mentorship you need to move your career to the next level.

Networking with great people can help increase your job prospects within larger companies or organizations that your non-profit work with. Most times meeting the right people can set your foot at the door.

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