Man Puts 13 People Inside Soap Bubbles To Enter Guinness World Record

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Getting into the Guinness World Record is not a walk in the park. It involves extraordinary wit and efforts which most people run away from. However, some have managed to find themselves there and here is one

Thirteen turned out to be a lucky number for Steven Langley from North Carolina who set a new Guinness World Record by “putting the most number of people in a soap bubble in 30 seconds.”

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One person in Soap Bubble

The record-adjudicating organization announced Saturday that 56-year-old Steven Langley put individual bubbles around 13 people in that timeframe, posting a video of him performing the sudsy stunt in November at the Huntersville Arts & Cultural Center.

Step on in! The most people put inside a bubble in 30 seconds is 13, achieved Steven Langley of The Soap Bubble Circus in Huntersville, North Carolina, USA.

Posted by Guinness World Records on Saturday, 6 April 2019

Langley owns six other Guinness World Records, including most paddle balls controlled simultaneously by a person (7); longest hanging chain of soap bubbles (35); and most people making bubbles with garland wands simultaneously (317).

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