DP Ruto is bedeviling Kenya-Alfred Keter

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It’s true William Ruto was born as a hustler just like 99.99% of Kenyans.
But is he a hustler today, and does he protect the interest of the hustler?

Just some thoughts, WSR was deeply in YK92 which caused massive inflation due to the printing of the infamous Ksh. 500 note.

In 2004, he was charged for stealing Ngong Forest Land and was released after word went round that he bribed a key witness with a parastatal appointment when he was the CS for Agriculture under Grand Coalition.

After the 2007/8 PEV, he miraculously acquired 100 acres of Muteshi’s land and the High Court forced him to return it.

From 2013-2017, he ‘hustled’ in all GoK tenders above 500 Million in GDC, Kenya Pipeline, Kplc, NCPB, fertilizers, Ketraco, Kimwarer & Itare dams name it and he is still acquiring more.

If this plunder is what is called hustling, then we need to change the dictionary meaning of hustling.

Between our Maize farmers whose monies got stolen by his crooked friends who is the hustler?

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