After ‘killing’ Kibra MP, blogger wants Moses Kuria to Grow Up

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The Jubilee Polycarp Hinga found himself immersed in massive public outrage after he gave misleading information that claimed Kibera’s Member of Parliament Ken Okoth earlier on diagnosed with cancer, had passed on.

Angry KOT have even called on his arrest and charge for the panic he caused claiming he did the evil to gain likes and retweets.

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The blogger himself has stated that the unfortunate fake news did not originate from him defending that he has apologized over the matter.

Further he has called out Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria telling him to grow up as the unfortunate scenario is not the opportunity he has been looking for

Kenyans across various social media platforms scrambled to authenticate the news which had Okoth’s name as number one trending in the country.

The Kibra MP issued a statement confirming he was alive and well and that the rumours were false.

“I’m alive and kicking. Folks should stop killing me before my time with rumors,” read an excerpt of his statement.

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