Moi University Murder: Uproar as Police Handle Murder weapon unprofessionally

As Kenyans try to come to terms with the murder of Ivy Wangeci, a Moi University student who was hacked to death in broad daylight, attention has switched to how police handled the whole murder case.

A picture, showing police handling the murder weapon with bear hands has gone viral on social media with some people wondering why they could be so unprofessional.

It seems Kenyans have watched a lot of criminal movies and know one or two things about how FBI does their investigations.

This policeman may find himself jobless before the end of the day, if his boss is following the conversation online.

It also seems we have more qualified investigators on Twitter than the entire DCI department. Kinoti should look for these people if he wants to end crime.

Wangeci, a sixth-year medical student at the Moi University College of Health Sciences, was killed in the most macabre manner in broad daylight with the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital compound on Tuesday morning.

Ms Ivy Wangeci, the sixth-year medical student

Her boyfriend, Naftali Kinuthia, had driven all the way from Thika to Eldoret, parked his car outside the hospital before leaving for town on a motorbike where he bought an axe and a knife.

He then used the axe to cut the trainee in the head before taking out a knife and slitting her throat.

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