“I Ain’t Got It,” 50 Cent gets told off in New Song

Teairra Mari and 50 Cent

Teairra Mari is firing back at 50 Cent with her very own diss track.

After trolling her on social media for not paying his $30,000 judgement, the “Love & Hip Hop” star has decided to give the rap mogul a taste of his own medicine by releasing a response. On “I Ain’t Got It,” the R&B singer tells 50 that he will never see his money because she simply doesn’t have it.

“No, I ain’t got it / Oh boy I’m poppin’,” she sings. “I’m taking off like a rocket for 30,000 / That’s what y’all loaned.”

Teairra, who has also launched a line of T-shirts with her “I Ain’t Got It” phrase, has more words for Curtis. “Y’all some lame ass ni**as / I’m a Detroit bitch,” she sings. “Fuck these hatin’ ass hoes / Tell ’em all get off my dick.”

50 has been chasing his check since winning the revenge porn lawsuit filed against him by Teairra. In January, a Los Angeles judge dismissed all claims against the rapper and ordered that Mari pay $30,618 to cover part of 50’s legal bills. Last month, he served her with legal papers, but still hasn’t seen payment.

Taking to Instagram, Teairra posted a series of photos trolling 50 including one of him next to his former friend Floyd Mayweather.

50 returned fire on Instagram, posting a photo of Teairra with the words “Come Dumpster” written over her mouth. “The courts will get the message your sending with these antics,” he wrote, adding, “You little come dumpster.”

But 50 intends to get his money. According to The Blast, he has been granted an order for Teairra to show up to court and provide financial records, so he can determine which assets can be seized to pay off the debt. He wants a financial examination of her income, bank accounts, and property.

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