Expenditure alarm as Sonko’s county revenue falls short

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A stir is brewing in Nairobi City Hall caused by alarm over Nairobi governor Mike Sonko expenditure after the revenue available has fallen short.

According to the committee’s vice chairman Patrick Karani, the Executive’s spending priorities need to be checked since the money raised cannot pay for the current projects.

Besides, the Budget committee pointed out that Sonko’s Annual Development Plan for the next financial year (2019-2020) is not supported by the revenue.

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The county collected Ksh3.7 billion in the first half (June to December), Ksh1.7 billion (January), Ksh1 billion (February), and Ksh1.4 billion in March marking the end of the third quarter.

“The total collected from last year June up to this March comes to 7.8 billion. You can see that this year we are going to underperform in terms of the budget.

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“This calls an alarm for the next budget. It is important for the Executive to realize now that things are not okay and it is high time they put their House in order and made sure this county meets its revenue target,” Karani was quoted.

This comes after the revelation that Sonko has enjoyed a confidential sh 96 million budget since he took office in 2017.

The county Assembly Legal and Justice committee resolved to scrap the confidential budget and all funds allocated to the vacant office of deputy governor.

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