Conning their way to riches?Beware of Nairobi ‘Mchele’ Babes

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For those who have been to a club or often go to club for some fun time, you must have seen some worrying behaviors of ladies in there.

Some of the ladies are plotting how to steal from you as you enjoy your time, thinking that all is well.

If You See a LADY Behaving Like This in a Club

For that reason, there are some women behaviors that should jolt you to raise your guard before you find yourself in a nasty position, or even lose your life.

Their irresistible beauty at least in the eyes of men and looks innocent too but many are unaware of the trap that awaits them. The gang target phones, laptops and ATM cards where they transfer money and withdraw at agents.

Alcohol has increasingly become more of a bane than a boon to socialites. Alcohol consumption — currently soaring, especially among the younger generation, has greatly contributed to many other horrible incidents.

Woman in the dance floor ‘luring’ her prey

But the case of young women stealing from bachelors takes the biscuit. For starters, it is initially impossible to think of the innocent woman as a potential thief. Some emphasize their humility by claiming to be working, but earning very little, thus compelling men to burn money on them.

Women enjoying themselves in the club

Others claim to be naĂŻve university students prompting men to drop and lower their guard, and even leave drinks unguarded for a bathroom break. It is during such times they spike the drinks.

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