BOLD: Octopizzo’s New Hit Song focuses on Africa’s drought problem

Octopizzo is one to say and prove where his allegiances lie.

The ‘Namba Nane’ rapper who has a long list of philanthropic engagements including working United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees program ‘Artistes for Refugees’, continues to work towards creating a better world for all. Taking to Instagram, the lyricist revealed he has recently dropped a track to draw attention to the drought-stricken areas in Africa. The bold and timely collaboration is a partnership with the German-based charity Viva con Agua International.

Collaborating with Alisan Porter and Rocky Dawuni, the track has a fresh folk-pop vibe, which is transformed as Octopizzo raps in Swahili. Recorded at Woodshed Recordings, the fusion track has received some great input offering great production value from the talented duo Malte Hagemeister & Kristian Nord. Upbeat and engaging; the track serves as a call to all to stand together with those with little to no access to clean water. All earnings from the track will be given to providing clean, and safe water for many in drought-stricken Africa.

The track’s release comes days after the rapper pointed out that he was horrified that many still die of hunger. On an interview on Ten Over Ten, the ‘Noma Ni’ lyricist said it’s sad that in 2019 we still have people dying of hunger. Speaking to Willis Raburu on the show, Papichullo went on to point out there was a sense of unpreparedness whereby with no set of procedures set to deal with the dire situation in a timely manner; despite drought happening more frequently. Octopizzo went to highlight that people in Turkana are not the only ones dying of hunger, as even the youth in urban areas face the same plight.

According to the Octopizzo Foundation, the ‘Oliel’ rapper has been involved in a variety of philanthropic and community-based projects with children, women, and youth since 2010. Although his first love is music, he is equally passionate about projects that focus on capacity building and community participation. His music centers on success, believing in oneself and resonates with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Octopizzo is not the only Kenyan celebrity moved to act by the devasting drought. Outspoken Kenyan beauty Akothee also offered famine relief to the drought-stricken people of Turkana with her ‘Let’s Feed The Starving in Turkana’ campaign last month in March 2019.

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