Why the man to win Kaleyke Mumo’s heart will be lucky…

kalekye mumo

42-year old, former K24 Talk Central hostess Kalekye Mumo is yet to find the love of her life but is still searching for one.

According to the ex Kiss 100 FM presenter, she is yet to meet a man who is seriously looking to settle down and start a family with her.

Switching things up on her last Talk Central show, Kalekye told actor Martin Githinji that during her Radio hosting days, she often met men younger than her.

“Plus being in radio a lot of the guys who hit on me were way younger than me and of course had different priorities than me… #NowYouKnow #TalkCentral @K24Tv,” she wrote on Instagram adding that she is still praying for the right man.

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Whaaat @daddiemarto just asked me if I was single by choice… For all those who’ve been asking… No I didn’t intentionally choose not to be married… Aand It’s a prayer point…” she added.

For nor, Kalekye is expected to launch her own show which she says will tackle issues close to her heart.

Media personality and radio presenter Kalekye Mumo who lost 40 kilos in eight months. “I surprised myself!” she says. PHOTOS | COURTESY

The show which will be coming straight to her fans on social media will be done the “Kalekye style.”

“So I’m now putting together my own content on my own terms in my own channel which is what I’m looking to do. The feeling is that Kenyans want to get into my world to know more about me based on the things I post on social media when it gets to a personal level.

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So I want to do interviews yes, but now in a style that is things I like, things that affect me personally, things that have been affecting society and that in a format that will capitalize on social media because the future has become digital,” she told a local blog.

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