KEBS Clears Nuteez Butter Back To Market


On Friday The Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs) made clear that it had cleared Nuteez peanut butter to return to the market,  two months after the product was declared unfit for human consumption.

The peanut butter was recalled from the market in January after it was found to contain high levels of toxins which were said to be cancer-causing

The product’s Standardization Mark Permit number was also suspended.

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In a statement on Friday, KEBS said it has lifted the ban after the manufacturer, Jetlak Foods Ltd, complied with the required standards.

Kebs says it is satisfied with Jetlak’s control of incoming raw materials, production process, and final product testing.

“Kebs shall continue to monitor the effectiveness of Jetlak Foods Ltd controls for the peanut butter product through market surveillance, factory inspections, and testing,” the statement read in part.

The ban of the product and recall from shelves was a major boost in consumer safety controls in the country

“Tests undertaken on the samples have confirmed that the level of aflatoxin is 2.13 parts per billion (ppb), which is higher than the maximum limit allowed by the standard,” Kebs said at the time.

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