Ghai !!Bongo Girls claim notorious male teachers peeps them while bathing

The Ministry of Education has shut down Bongo Senior High School (SHS) temporarily to investigate allegations that male teachers at the schools peeps to students while bathing.

The Students refused to get into class claiming that majority of them have been sexually assaulted and no action has ever been taken by the school administration.

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The authorities of the Upper East Region based SHS had swiftly closed down the school to forestall chaos after the female students boycotted breakfast and lunch over allegations that their senior housemaster and some male tutors often peep at them while n*de in their dormitories.

“The male teachers especially tutors have been coming to our dormitories while were are naked ,majority of us have been sexually molested and nothing has been done even after we raise the complain to the administration,”one student said.

The students however added that their senior house masters who supervised them were males and sometimes invaded their privacy since they are most of the time naked in their dormitories to enjoy fresh air.

The students’ refusal to go for their meals prompted the authorities to shut down the school on Thursday, 4 April 2019.

The teachers have denied the allegation.

The Meeting planned flopped after the students started hurling stones to school authorities where properties worth millions were destroyed.

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The Bongo police and reinforcement officers colled the situation as ministry called for investigation.

Bongo girls is in Ghana


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