Kalekye turns employer after K24 exit

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After her sudden exit from radio she got a new job at K24 replacing Erick Njoka who used to do the show. Kalekye Mumo came in with a fresh new twist. She not only disburses information but always makes sure there is a lesson at the end of every episode.

Well, everything that has a beginning has an end. The presenter stated that her Thursday show, Talk Central, would be her last. The radio queen stated that she was excited to start her own network.

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“I am building a brand that is already employing people to produce and direct content that allows my fans to get to know me in my real world and space while still interviewing people that interest me whether famous or not. Space where people can be vulnerable and open,” she told reporters. 

She expressed her desire to tell stories that are real and authentic with the power to influence people to be better and stronger not giving up when it gets tough.

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The move will also provide an opportunity for Kalekye to answer to a clarion call from her fans who’ve been demanding her return to the airwaves. 

“We will go live on FB and package to YouTube with an eventual twist for a podcast,” she disclosed.

Good luck Kalekye!

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