Here Are Beauty Trends To Keep Up With In 2019(So Far)

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It is a fast world, especially with the boost of technology, the fashion and beauty industry is fast pacing. Vintage is on now, but you never know when it will be ‘so yesterday’.

Knowing the latest beauty trends is necessary to pull together a chic look. Some of the most popular beauty looks of last year have been long forgotten and replace with these cool and trendy looks.

These are just but a few of them, make use of them now coz remember we are in April you never know if they’ll make it until December

  1. Bold Eyeshadow
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To make your makeup pop, try adding bolder colours. Luckily, it’s the year of bright and fun colours and one of the best beauty trends so far is bold eyeshadow. Red and royal blue are some of the go-to colours which are readily available in many new palettes.

2.Tinted Lip Balm

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Almost every beauty guru swears by Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb. And for a good reason. Not only does it keep your lips hydrated but also it gives them some oomph. Additionally, as more people opt for simple glam, tinted lip balms are on the fast-rising beauty trends of this year. It can also add a light finish to a full glam look.

3.Pearl Details

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These timeless accessories have found their place in the beauty community. Pearls can be used as a nail or facial décor. Both styles are huge beauty trends among festival goers as they give exotic vibes. Additionally, you don’t need to do much with this look so that it doesn’t become overwhelming. Keep it fresh and clean.

4.Witch Hazel Toner

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A good skin care routine is the cornerstone of flawless skin. Therefore, it’s absolutely necessary to find products that work for your skin. However, there are those rare gems that seem to work for everybody. Hazel Witch is one of those gems and it’s no surprise why this age-old beauty secret is one of the biggest beauty trends right now. It helps treat acne clear dark spots and tightens your pores.


Lots of beauty trends are making a comeback this year including this hairstyle. The sleek and elegant ponytail works for both casual and formal settings. This effortless look gives you an instant facelift complementing most face shapes. Moreover, you can pull off this look with hair extensions, a wig or weave. You can also opt for a voluminous ponytail or an ordinary ponytail.

6.Wine Colored Lipstick

It’s the perfect red lip with a sophisticated touch. This is, therefore, one of those must-have beauty trends as it goes well with all skin tones. Besides, you can never go wrong with red lips. This colour makes a strong statement and it’s perfect for the corporate world. Additionally, For date night, you can switch it up with a glossy finish.

7.Two-In-one Products

There’s no doubt that beauty products are expensive. Whether it’s to reduce waste or save money, people can’t seem to resist this bargain. Multipurpose products are making a wave and making the list of biggest beauty trends of the year.

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