Couple Charged with Killing Crying Baby during S3x

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When sexual gratification is prioritized, then the outcomes are never good. Guard your feelings and emotions to avoid troubles. This is a true story of a couple who murderd their baby so as to enjoy sex without baby cries.

UK couple Luke Morgan, 26, and Emma Cole, 22 been charged with the murder for allegedly suffocating their 9-week-old baby, Tyler to death in their two-bedroom flat in Burntwood, Staffordshire.

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According to The World News, the couple, accused of suffocating their baby to death during the early hours of April 29, 2014, is now charged with the heinous crime.

A court hearing on Tuesday said that the couple had intentionally smothered or had the baby’s chest depressed.

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The parents are now accused of murdering baby Tyler after an alcohol-fueled argument ensued about not having enough sex. The court hearing read,

“Tyler was born on February 27, 2014, by caesarean section. He was born well. Luke Morgan is now 26, he was 22 at the time. Emma Cole is 22 and was 18 at the time. Tyler had an unremarkable history, he had suffered from a little colic but that was under control. There were suggestions that the defendant’s attitude was not always shown to medical professionals.”

The statement further revealed, “Emma Cole had said they had bathed Tyler cool water to keep him awake as warm water made him sleepy. Their preferred pattern was for Tyler to fall asleep at times that were convenient to them.

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Luke had put lemon juice on Tyler’s tongue, it may have been some chili crisps though.

Sometimes Luke would play air drums with Tyler’s arms, something Luke knew that Tyler was too young to do and he appeared to have hit him on his back too hard on one occasion.

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The relationship may have had some tensions that did not show to the outside. “

Jurors at Stafford Crown Court were told how neighbors heard the couple arguing on the night leading up to the baby’s death about being short of money.

They also said that Morgan was angry because he wanted to have sex with Cole but had been prevented because baby Tyler was awake. Paramedics were called to the couple’s home at 2.42am and found the child unresponsive.

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Tyler was reportedly rushed to Walsall Manor Hospital where he was pronounced dead shortly after 4 am on that fateful day. 

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