Things Your Partner Should Never Know About

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It’s good to be an open book with your partner however being too honest about everything may cause you to lose that wonderful relationship you are working hard to maintain.

So when you get the right person for you, this are things you are better not open up about.

1. Your sexual history

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Sexual history should be a secret that you should die with and never share with your partner.

This is because by sharing this secret, your partner is likely to be turned off.

2. What You Spend Your Own Personal Money On

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You’ve probably heard the advice before that even if you have joint finances as a couple, each of you should have your own personal bank account, as well.

There are several reasons for this, but one of them is that it’s really okay to spend money on little things that your partner doesn’t know about.

3. That you wish they were more successful

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Telling your partner that you wish he or she would have been more successful can worse things in your relationship.

Hence, it is advisable to get used with the level of success that he or she is into. 

4. You dislike one of their family members

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One can’t like all the family members of their partners, but it is always advisable to keep it a secret.

5. That you don’t like something they can’t change

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There is always that one thing about our partner that they can’t change from it.

However, if you happen to not like that thing, it is better to not tell him as you will force him or her to start pretending when he or she is in your presence.

6. You think one of his friends is hot

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If you happen to think that one of his friends is hot, it is better to keep it a secret as this is likely to make him jealous if you happen to tell him.

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