The Kenyan rule book that every Kenyan should have

If you stay in rental flats,don’t play loud music. Try to limit the volume of the music within the confines of your house. Don’t assume you are entertaining your neighbor with your latest collections,it is ANNOYING,they could be reading for exams or have toddlers trying to sleep.

If you are above 30yrs old,never participate in a road race to try and out-compete other presumably inferior cars.
That’s stupid and boyish. Stick to the maximum speed limit of 100km/h

Image result for images of an african man driving really fast

Buy a power bank. It can save your a**.

Power bank

Never let your power tokens go below 20 before refilling them.

Power tokens

If you are a man, never be caught scrambling for wedding cakes, birthday cakes or be seen walking in town carrying a pizza box. It is a very ugly picture.

Always have some small money in your M-PESA account.

Mpesa account

Never ever ask a young couple why they don’t have kids yet.

Rarely does your employer have your individual interests at heart.They can easily let you go without blinking, just to balance the books. Don’t be overly loyal to your employer.

In your work place don’t be the reason why somebody loses their job. Don’t be the reason why some family will sleep hungry, a guy gets auctioned or some old mother in the rural areas is not sent her monthly upkeep. If you must fire somebody, make sure it is VERY VERY VERY necessary. Don’t be trigger happy when it comes to firing guys and putting people on unnecessary PIPs, some prayers and tears can haunt you.

Don’t give an insurance guy your phone number if you are not yet ready to take a policy with them.They can be a pain in the ass with their persistence.

Never keep your eyes off boiling milk even for 5 seconds. The entire carpet will be socked if you stay in a bedsitter like that one of yours.

READ READ READ. Make it a habit to read books,magazines,blogs etc.
It will save you from uncomfortable and awkward silences in round table meetings or dinner dates because a well read person will always have something to say.

High School and College grades are very irrelevant out here. Don’t expect life to treat you with a safe pair of gloves just because u scored As or u were good in cramming a certain professor’s notes. Lose that sense of entitlement and hustle hard like everyone else lest you die poor.

There will never be the right time to buy a car if you have Kenyan relatives. If you buy it without a plot, they will be like, “si angenunua shamba kwanza?” if you already have a plot,they will be like, “si angejenga kwanza?” and if you have a house they will be like “hiyo pesa angemwaga mawe ya rentals kwanza?” Before you know it, you are 55 years. without a car.

Office drink buddies and relationships can drain your pockets faster than you know it. Approach those two with some moderation and open eyes.

Always let your wife make all hiring and firing decisions about househelps. Never ever be seen to be siding with your househelp. NEVER.

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