OMG! Arsenal Fans Hilariously Trash United After Embarrassing Wolves Loss!

If United played Wolves every matchday, they would be relegated! πŸ™‚

It looks like the Man Upstairs is listening to Arsenal’s prayers because United missed out on a MASSIVE opportunity to go third after losing to Wolves….AGAIN.


Watching the game, United started out with a bang, controlling the tempo of the game and harassing Wolves backline to the point where you almost felt sorry for those fellas.

Their efforts were rewarded with a massive strike from McTominay who managed to slice the ball past Rui Patricio and give United the lead.

Image result for mctominay goal

But as expected, a slight err from Fred coupled with United’s lacklustre defending (which btw, Solskjaer really needs to look into this coming transfer) gave Wolves the equalizer.

Go figure:

Image result for wolves goal united

United are now below Arsenal in the league, and Arsenal fans are relishing every second of it.

The Arsenal fanbase took to their social media accounts to blast United, tearing the club from limb to limb.

Here are some of the funniest memes that will just make your day!

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